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On Long Island there are two types of divers. Those who dive locally, and those who don't. The ones who don't are missing out on some fantastic diving right in their own back yard. We are surrounded by water and many excellent dive sites. Our north shore is a great place for beginners to hone their skills, or for experienced divers to make a nice relaxing dive in calm water. Our south shore has some of the best, and most well known wreck diving on the entire east coast of the U. S. If you are a tropical diver who has yet to dive the waters of long island give us a call to arrange an orientation dive. The water is at its warmest from late June through early September.

At Swim King we operate a small boat for diving the north shore of Long Island. There are also several charter operations that bring divers to the shipwrecks off the south shore of the island. We recommend the Jean Marie which operates out of Jackson Marina in Hampton Bays.

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